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Helping You Strengthen Your Career and Your Personal Direction

in Life

Our Workshops and Training

At Paige Gryba Counselling Services, Inc., all workshops and training are designed to develop and enhance the skills of therapists, educators, psychologists, counsellors, and nonprofit agencies. See a list of some of my workshops and training below.

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Group Processes

A half-day or full-day workshop that focuses on teaching individuals the necessary skills to facilitate successful groups. I empower group members to learn, participate, and tap into their own knowledge.

This workshop is ideal for team leaders, management personnel, human resource professionals, and employees who may be required to lead a variety of groups as part of their job description.

Group Processes with Children

and Teens

A half-day workshop designed for those clinicians who facilitate groups with children and teens and find it challenging at times. I review the stages of development, how groups with children and teens are different from those designed for adults, and then offer suggestions to engage children and teens via expressive therapies and therapeutic games.

Taming the Tiger: a Brief Introduction to Trauma Healing Methods

A half-day workshop based on the ground-breaking work of Dr. Peter Levine, who developed Somatic Experiencing.

I cover the definitions of trauma, the common symptoms to watch for in individuals who may be suffering from the results of a traumatic incident, and the risk of PTSD and its symptoms. In addition, I provide trauma care tools to those who are experiencing or who have experienced a traumatic event in their lives.

This workshop is useful for team leaders, management personnel, human resource professionals, and clinicians who work directly with clientele who may fit these criteria.


A  workshop designed to increase knowledge around the topic of suicide. This workshop includes screening (risk and protective factors), a review of the CASE approach (“Chronological Assessment of Suicide Events”, developed by Shea, 1999), and suggestions for interventions.

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Ethics and Professional Identity: Making Ethical Decisions 

This workshop assists professionals in understanding their ethical responsibilities to their clients. I highlight a model to resolve ethical dilemmas. I also discuss the importance of self-awareness in understanding how ethical values affect one’s work.

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Multicultural Counselling 

A half-day workshop that focuses on understanding the necessary factors in counselling or working with people whose culture differs significantly from one’s own.

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Stress Management and Work-Life Balance 

Typically done in a full-day format, this workshop covers the essential elements of learning to understand one’s own stress triggers and how one expresses stress. I also discuss positive stress management strategies and help you create a plan for work-life balance.

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Parenting Without Pulling Your Hair Out

Occasionally, all parents may feel like their parenting skills need some updating. Parenting is both exciting and exhausting. It requires knowledge in areas such as discipline, attachment, and child development and behaviour.

This workshop aims to help parents learn those additional skills that will make parenthood less stressful and more fulfilling. This event can be adapted to a half-day or full-day format or a 4-week group for a more in-depth experience.

Workshops With Trish Harper


Trish Harper, MSW, and I are developing a series of workshops designed to assist educators and counsellors incorporate creative therapeutic techniques to assist children with self-regulation, behaviour management,  and  positive emotional development.. More details coming soon!  Contact us to discuss the opportunity to have Trish and I work with your school personnel.

Workshop and Training Fee 

$175/hour of training.